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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Moment

For my 32nd birthday, my brother and (mostly) his wife took me to a wicked concert.  (yes I'm 34 now, but keep motoring)

REM, Modest Mouse and The National all in one spot.

   My recent b-day inspired me to find the video. It rocked. My 6'3" bro and I went to the Vancouver food and booze festival and experienced several "alternative" cafes, but this took the cake.

  Actually, my brother's wife Shauna made the cake. THE cake. The first and to this day only birthday cake I have had handmade in my existence. For details, she made a multilayered vegan ice cream masterpiece with all of her own dark chocolate funky french thingys that I know there is a name for. Lattices maybe.

  Either way, I recently spent time with my 29 year old bro and my 37 year old sister; got wicked to-die-for messages from my baby bro and sis , but there is something missing.

  Shauna, my precious art fart . My little borrowed sister who cares for me in an awesome way. See, S makes me the best cards on the planet, and it is always personal.

And I think that her art should pay for her next year of university. Shauna is modest and doesn't think her site is up to snuff, so I'm not going to post it. Well I lied. 

  What I am going to say is that I have received the most incredible cards and gifts via an artistic visionary that is so far beyond Hallmark So yeah, go to Phlox  and take a look.  This is what I receive at least a couple of times a year from an incredibly awesome woman.

  Shauna, my seriously wicked stolen sis, I heart you mad. Other folks should never be denied.

  Let's get your art everywhere.

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