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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inexplicable Evil

  Whether or not North America and her allies should remain in Afghanistan is a hot button topic, and I'll admit that I have been on both sides of the equation. While it is important to note that the overwhelmingly Pashtun Afghanis are constantly fighting amongst each each other, it is also important to know that there is a vast theological difference between Afghanistan and Iraq. While Iraq could be seen as cleaning up the mess that the West caused (ie Saddam Hussein) , Afghanistan was and is about a hunt for terrorists. But in Afghanistan, the worst are not those who may have sympathy for the likes of bombers. In this part of the world, people are terrorized by their own.

  The West has instituted Talibani Hamid Karzai as their poster boy for the "new" Afghanistan, but the song remains the same. People are still imprisoned and tortured, even killed due to draconian policies. We entered under the guise of stopping terrorism, but we should have truly focused on human rights because in today's Afghanistan there are none.

  Yesterday the Taliban hanged a 7 year old boy because he was accused of giving information to the "enemy", the UN peacekeepers. Put that in your bong. 7 YEARS OLD. A child was murdered in public because he may have talked to someone. Moreover there is little press about this inside or outside Afghanistan and no recourse for the butchers. Where is the outrage and moral indignation?

  Have we become so sick of seeing our soldiers get killed that we forget why everyday Afghanis need intervention in the first place? The biggest mistake was instituting Hamid Karzai as leader, for he is such a sissy that he permits murderous jihadist scum to run his country. There is no peace for the women who are not permitted outside their homes without male permission nor for the children raised in this society polluted by Islam's most evil precepts. Either get rid of the fundamentalist scum or leave them to continue their hell. Stop bargaining with those who have no concept of moderation.

Get the job done or get the fuck out.

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