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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Sport

  As much as I slam the L.A. Lakers and their privileged gang of princes, sometimes you need to give credit where it is due.

  Ron Artest is known for surviving a hard-knock youth and his eccentric behaviour as a grown man. He's admitted to boozing during games as a rookie and been arrested for abusing his partner and starving his great dane. Ron Artest has spent a significant chunk of his career suspended for bizarre events on and off-court and is a loud and proud hoodrat.

  But something has changed. He's still a crazy man on the court, but he has seemed to mellow and gain perspective off of it. From volunteering for PeTA to engaging in seemingly random acts of kindness, Ron Artest has begun to grow up.

  This morning, Power 106 offered up 2 highly desired $9000 tickets to tonight's game at Staple Center. What fans didn't know is that Ron ponied up over 18 grand out of his own pocket because he wanted to give someone a day as a star. Not for publicity, but just because he has decided that he's an average dude and wants another average dude to enjoy something that none of his true fans can afford.

  Well #37, you have made a conscious decision to be a better man, and I humbly applaud you for that. It's going to give me a little twinge when the Celtics kick your butt.

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