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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Worst Cut

   People are horrified by the disgusting mutilations of girls in foreign lands and it is entirely justifiable. Wee ones have their future lady parts cut, burned, and sutured due to local customs or parental pursuit of "normalcy". It is not a part of any specific religion, it is locational, with little ladies tortured to fit unrealistic norms and to stunt their sexuality. Female Genital Mutilation is a hot button issue for sure, but it seems like something confined to foreign lands. But it is not. It is here in North America under the guise of medical research.

  Dr. Dix Poppas and his crew at Cornell University have been operating on girls between 3 and 6 months of age who they deem to have "oversized" clitorises. While he claims that the procedures are "nerve sparing", they are absolutely unnecessary and cause serious emotional and physical distress. During the operations, which promise to cure future masturbation or gender "abnormalities" (see: homosexuality) , the glans is excised and tossed away and the tip of the clitoris is sewn back on. If you think of a clit as a little penis (which is basically what it is) it is akin to someone hacking off your dick and sewing only the head back on. Feel free to cross your legs right now.

  But if this isn't appalling enough for you, then comes the "aftercare" research. Beginning around age six, the doctor begins checking to see if the nerves have been damaged. How does he do this? (This would be the time to grab your barf bag) The doctor begins stimulating the little girl's lady bits with a cotton tip and vibrator . The little girl is touched not only on the mutilated member, but her thighs and every possible part of her netheregions. She will be asked to rate the level of sensation in all areas to determine if Dr. Poppas has destroyed anything, which he clearly has. The perverted examinations are conducted on a yearly basis afterward. I get that it may have some "research" value, but this can only be incredibly psychologically damaging. It's not like you can put the damaged tissue back since the doctor threw it in a waste bin years prior. The child is involuntarily damaged and then humiliated for a lifetime because some doctor thinks that some clitorises are too large.

  Children come in all shapes and sizes and so do their little bits. I've heard many a dad proud of his little boy's outward development because infants' genitals seem disproportionate compared to those of adults. There are NO parents lining up to have their boys' stalks shortened. They are KIDS and little girls don't go around checking other girls crotches to see if they are "normal". Children should never be used as experimental playthings, not to mention have their most sensitive areas lopped off and then molested because some deviant wants a grant.

  Parents often trust doctors as being a higher authority on health matters, but it is clear to me that the only way of assuring normal psychological and sexual development would be to leave your little girls alone. Not only are these procedures damaging in the short-term, they essentially assure that your future Mrs. Someone is not going to have a great time making your grandbabies. It is the ultimate responsibility of parents to reject requests by doctors to cosmetically alter their infants, and while it might be difficult to turn down a man with 3 PhDs, it is your job.

  Whether overseas or on our shores, destruction of the bodies and emotional wellbeing of little girls occurs because we are too obsessed with gender norms and cannot leave well enough alone. Masturbation is not a physical or mental disease and just because girls might enjoy it is no reason to ruin their entire sexual lives. The psychological effects of mutilation and subsequent molestation are so well known that these draconian procedures must be halted immediately and everywhere they occur. There is nothing ethical about involuntary genitotorture. Whether conducted by a shard of glass in Egypt or with a scalpel in America, you KNOW this is wrong.

 Protect your now and future daughters.

Thank you to Dan Savage, Alice Dreger, and Ellen K. Feder. To review Drs. Dreger and Feder's report on the bioethics of FGM click HERE

As of the writing of this article, Female Genital Mutilation is still legal in over 30 states.


  1. Sickening -- this sounds like the type of "experiment" they used to perform on children in orphanages, who didn't have parents around to protect them. Sure, those might have had some medical benefit, too, but it in no way balanced the damage and immorality of the the work.

  2. Research=an elaborate and expensive disguise for one man's perversions.

  3. Oh well. So much for breakfast. Unbelievable.


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