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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caught On Tape

    In Jacksonville, Florida a 53-year-old nanny has pleaded not guilty to four counts of child abuse. Jeanine Campbell has stated that while she doesn't remember smacking around an 11 month old baby, the video evidence doesn't lie. The pissed-off "lady" is seen hitting and harassing a baby. She's one serious douchebaguette and she's going to rot in jail for a fair chunk of time, but I'm curious about one thing :

  The parents installed the camera after they suspected the notso nanny was harming their child. The big clue would be the child having an unexplained black eye. I know I'm not speaking for every adult here but wouldn't your initial reaction be to fire the bitch?

  Just a thought.


  1. Just horrendous. I couldn't even watch it all. So disturbing. I can only imagine what she did in the months that they didn't tape her. Justice will be served.

  2. The father is so right when he said something like 'it's good it played out the way it did' because if he'd seen the abuse before firing her he would be sitting in jail. His kids need him to protect them from this type of person in the world. THANK GOD IT PLAYED OUT THE WAY IT DID!!! I want to kill this sick sick evil bitch. Will justice be served? Let's see!!!! She needs the SHIT kicked out of her and then just let her just rot in a cement cell.


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