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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada

  I saw a tweet from my buddy Tyler Conium the other night that seemed unbelievable. Ty was steamed that Perez Hilton had posted an upskirt of Miley Cyrus and that it mounted to child pornography since the girl in question is 17. And I 100% agree with Mr. Conium's assessment.

  What Scuzzez did was criminal . Disseminating child pornography to the masses is not only revolting, but would guarantee most adults a lengthy prison term. Whether the photograph is real or is photoshopped or genuine, what he did was illegal in 48 States and most of the World. In California, where Perez posted from, it is the appearance of underage nakedness and he could wind up with a potential 15 year prison term. It also does not matter whether or not Miley went commando- Scottish boys don't wear gotch under their kilts and if you posted their bits for international consumption Interpol would be on your ass in a flash. Why? Because it is against the law. There are real life sickos who choke it to images of children and they don't need any more ammunition.

  I had another video where Scuzz is telling the "almost 18" Miley it's okay to show her shiz, but it was mysteriously eradicated from the interwebs, after about 100 of my readers saw it. So I included this fun photo from Razor instead.

Okay, weasel. You admitted by your words that Miley Cyrus is underage- almost 18 does not mean is 18.  Miley or any other child you terrorize could be one minute under the age of 18 and you would still be a criminal in the eyes of the law. If you did that to my kid, you'd be going to jail. And I'd make sure you have the party of your life with Cali's biggest and baddest. But if I was a DAD, well, I'd eradicate you in a slothlike, agonizing fashion. You can run and hide from Billy Ray going hillbilly on your head, but you can't escape the deep fistfucking of the law.

  Perez Hilton has used the law to his advantage. He makes his living not only ridiculing the famous, but innocent children. He attacks angels for their innate traits and truly enjoys causing pain to those who cannot defend themselves. Last summer he abused Toronto's 911 system and this year he's trafficking in the graphic portrayals of teenagers. The Queen of Homophobic Mania truly believes he is above the laws of man and it is high time that he is shown a door that is locked 23 hours a day.

  Rot in Hell.


  1. I want the law to wipe that stupid grin off your face. Perez, you are pathetic.

  2. Upskirting ANY woman is illegal.Doing it to a child is about the sickest thing i can imagine. I went to the jack asses twit page & im stunned at how many people follow him.Im no huge fan of Miss Cyrus but that has nothing to do with what Hilton has done. Twitter should pull his account.PERIOD. I have seen some of his pics with his silly ass drawing on them. Always a threat..a man & his crayon.


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