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Monday, June 7, 2010

Silly Suds

Ariel is a British brand of household soap products that are also sold in places like Mexico and Brazil. According to their slogan, you should "love your laundry", but if you show your admiration by insufflating laundry soap, you'll likely wind up on a gurney.
But it's just another creative and odd advert from a company that has the reputation of using imagery alluding to torture and banner ads that are more than a tad controversial like THIS ONE, which I actually find kind of fun. You turn George Bush into Gandhi and Hitler into Chaplin. 
  The advertising used by P&G's iconic brand is as unusual and diverse as the countries in which it is marketed, so feel free to google Ariel and have an adventure.

   Ariel's ads might border on the weird, but they are certainly memorable. While some wouldn't fly on our side of the pond and some don't seem relevant to the product, the fact that many have gone viral means that you'll remember the brand if you wind up in Pakistan or Scotland. Because reach is the most important denominator, I'd be inclined to call their campaigns a marketing win.

  Here's something pointless but kind of cute and slightly weird from the funky soap.

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