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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Fun

British Shin Kicking Championship 2008 - Watch more Funny  Videos
  This is ShinKicking and it is a real sport.

Not surprisingly, it originated in England where booze is plentiful and soccer balls are sometimes scarce. The idea is pretty simple, but unlike when you try to bark your big brother's shins, you aren't allowed to run and hide behind your mummy. You will be shamed. Think of it as dancing at a wedding but you're allowed to bootfuck that annoying Yoni Kaplan kid and are actually encouraged to do so.

The rules are pretty simple - you are awarded points for how many times you can knock a dude down in agony and after a number of rounds, the guy with the most points wins. You are even allowed safety gear in the form of shoes and as much hay as you can stuff your jeans with. Having a few beers prior to the match is not only permitted but expected and you are allowed to push the other bloke over as long as a kick below the knee precedes it. To add to the balancing difficulties is the fact that the course is studded with hardened sheep turds which also act as a deterrent to taking a dive. There is a "come one, come all" mentality and no organized size or gender divisions, just every person for themselves. If you can survive a day of having your legs pummeled to a pulp, you will be king and be showered with- well  I don't know, but probably beer.

Where do I sign up??

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