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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keep Digging

  Scuzzez posted a backpedalling, whiny video to weasel out of being prosecuted for 911 abuse in Toronto last year and it comes as no shock that he is trying to get out of his latest massive fail.

  Now, I KNOW that Perez is lying when he says she was wearing underwear in the photo he originally posted. She may indeed have been in the unedited photo, but doctoring a photograph to appear to be an underage kid's netherbits is mucho illegal. Under the California standard she could have even been wearing underwear and it would be prohibited because it focuses on genitalia. You're still a criminal idiot stick.

  The fake fur was just to get on the good side of PeTA, whose members are sick of you dragging their name through the mud to further your career of creating controversies. See, I caught that and so did everyone else.

  Finally, claiming that Miley deserves this scorn because of her music videos is tantamount to saying that rape victims deserve it based on their attire. That argument doesn't fly in those instances, and it only makes you seem more callous here. Talk about shooting yourself in the proverbial balls. 

  All the crying and snivelling in the world won't get you out of this mess. You're as fake as your fur, but in no way nearly as compassionate.

   You're fucked, chuck.

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