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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock On!!!

  Rock Band isn't my type of video game franchise, but I do dig music and their Green Day and Beatles versions have some of the best tracks ever put out for faux musicians to waste their days in dad's basement playing along to. Even the add-ons, like AC/DC have been met with success. With money on their minds, Harmonix has decided that the next band to be bestowed with the honour of a track pack will be *drumroll, if you please* ...


  It was thought to be a rumour or codename for some great project by Harmonix, but it is true. According to the official website, tomorrow is the "long-awaited" debut of the Nickleback 6-pack. For $9.99, you too can play the theme song from Monday Night Raw. You and your mates will feel the overwhelming inspiration to do beer cannons like an angry Albertan after rocking out to Never Again's timeless riffs and cry over love with strippers lost to Photograph. You'll be the talk of your trailer park when the magnetic clang of Figured You Out resonates to your fellow hosers like a siren's wail. You will rock, man.

  You kids best get in line because we all know that Harmonix's download site is just going to be slammed with requests for this sure-fire winner.

  I can't wait to see what's in store for Rock Band 3.

  Just so you remember what you are missing out on, I included this gem.

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