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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Your Daily Weird : The Don't Leave Home Without Your Condiments Edition

  Police in Boise, Idaho were puzzled by a string of vandalism-type attacks on the local library's drop box for over a year, and figured it might be a goofy teenager with a hatred for the written word. Time after time, workers at the Ada County Library opened the overnight book drop-off to discover reading materials soaked in food products like corn syrup and ketchup. 

  Police were surprised when they pulled over a lady after witnessing her dump a jar of mayonnaise into the box. You see, they pulled over a lady named Joy Cassidy and she is 74 years young. She was released after being charged with malicious injury to property and is suspected in at least 10 other condiment capers.

  Now there is no word on whether she needs to ketchup on her reading or relishes the media attention, but it's clear that this woman is a pickle short of a picnic. (or a Reuben) It would seem that she was inappropriately named, so maybe she was just trying to bring some Joy to those of us who need a diversion from the oil volcano.

In a related topic, here's my grandmother's recipe for Thousand Island Dressing

1 Cup Mayo

1 Cup Ketchup

1/4 Cup Pickle Relish (Sweet or Dill, your choice)

2 Teaspoons Worcestershire

1 Tablespoon White Sugar

Mix the mess and put in the fridge to chill out with Joy Cassidy. Smear on sandwich. Eat. Repeat.

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