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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Language Is a Funny Thing


Asian freedom advocates are lauding the new Chinese Public Transpo's new ruling. In their new manual, drivers are instructed to go back on generations of forms of address and are ordered to no longer refer to their passengers as "comrade". The term "comrade" was once ubiquitous in China and was considered egalitarian, but now more western forms of address such as "sir", "madam" or "elder" are preferred. According to BPTC, "using 'comrade' as a form of address is not suited to an appropriately targeted service standard."

  While it would seem that China wants to step away from their totalitarian image, this is not the case. Amongst Beijing's younger folks, "comrade" is a slang term for a homosexual and older folks have finally caught on.

  Cue to a visual of kids chuckling at politicians using "comrade" in their speeches the same we laugh at our grandparents using "gay" or "queer".

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  1. Actually, the days of totalitarianism in China are almost over. When the leadership changes it will be over. I'm speaking of the generations which are just a bit older than I am, who saw people they love get pulled out their homes and mistreated because they perhaps listened to the wrong music and thought out loud. This did not set well with those children and, although they did participate in their own indoctrination, it never erased the scar of seeing people treated so poorly to protect the power of the state.

    I know. I first noticed the use of "gay" to mean "sucks" or "stupid" or "weak" in online games, spewed by younger people. I always tried to argue the point. They're weak minded for using the term wrong. It does seem like an intension plot to introduce discrimination at another angle into society.

    It makes me wonder about the word, "Nigga."


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