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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Douchebaguette Of The Weak

  For those of you on Mars, former child star and generally cool dude Gary Coleman died from a head injury recently leaving behind friends, fans, and importantly, family.

  Since his untimely passing, ex-wife Shannon Price has been all over talk and news programs telling tales of how amazing Gary was (we knew this) and how they were reconciling and planning to remarry. Sounds pretty romantic, right?


  I saw Shannon Price's true colours today at the newstand. The cover depicts everyone's favourite little dude brain-dead on a ventilator with Shannon right there. His wife doesn't appear to be upset or even pissed off that the photo was taken, in fact she doesn't even look like she has been crying or expressing any of the kind of emotions I would be if it was my partner on his last few breaths. It looks so staged.

  Shannon Price allegedly sold the photos to Globe for a relatively low $10 000 because no other tabloid wanted the scrutiny of printing something so tastelessly morbid, and they are correct for refusing. This is the attempt at 15 minutes by a bitch who is not fooling anybody. Nobody stands to gain as much from this as Ms. Price and I hope the incendiary backlash makes her vanish from public life forever.

  Shannon Price, you are the lowest of the low. I hope that after this nobody buys your "reconciliation" bullshit tale and sees it for the ploy to get at Gary's estate that it is. You are a gold digging, fame-whoring tramp, and now everyone knows it. Get the fuck off of my TV screen and get a real job . Nobody is going to buy anymore of your crocodile tears. You've had your kick at fame and failed yourself, Gary, and all of his fans miserably. You were a burden to his life and are now an insult to his memory.

Go to Hell.

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  1. She is a horrible human being and will be gone from the spotlight very soon BUT Gary did pick her. I think he grew to know what her true colors were. It's all a very sad story. RIP Gary Coleman


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