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Monday, June 7, 2010

What CAN You Do Today?

British Petroleum's ineptitude that resulted in one of the most catastrophic man-made disasters in modern history has all of us enraged and more than a few of us feeling hopeless. I could write volumes criticizing employees and corporate bosses after the fact, but you have MSNBC for that. Everyone KNOWS BP epically failed and seems to be a little too stoic in response for our tastes. The North American continent is angry, and the good news is that some of us can take action.

A hotline detailing opportunities to volunteer in many capacities has been set up . Dial 1-866-448-5816 to find out how to donate your time assisting clean up, feeding crews, or manning phone lines. Construction companies are also asked to donate building materials.

If you own a boat that you would be willing to loan for skimming or rescue purposes call (281) 366-5511 . Those geeks with alternative response services or smarts are also asked to call this number.

If you live in Louisiana or Florida and are willing to transport injured and distressed animals for care , go HERE and find out more or fill out an application or go HERE for volunteer information of other kinds in Louisiana . If you are in Mississippi call 1-888-844-3577 to apply for a paid position cleaning up oil or go HERE to volunteer. In Alabama dial 211 or go HERE for more information on how to help.

When there is a disaster helplessness can become overwhelming but we can all play a part in improving our world if we take the time to assist those large and small whenever there is peril. If images like the ones above disturb you, donate or volunteer at a local animal welfare organization. As individuals we may not be able to save all of the oiled birds, endangered whales, or battered dogs but as a collective we can become the example we wish for the world. While it may sound cliche, but the world is a sum of her parts and we can choose to be the antibody instead of the virus.

"I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do." : Jana Stanfield

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