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Monday, June 28, 2010

Your Daily Weird

    Marilyn Monroe is as iconic for her curves and raspy voice as her early demise. There are few women who have been as eternally desired as one so loved that her ex would bring flowers to her grave until his final days. Everything that Marilyn has touched commands a hefty price by auctioneers and investors hoping for the likely windfall.

  This weekend, Planet Hollywood held one of their fairly frequent auctions. The earrings worn by Kate Winslet during the filming of Titanic were had for $25 000 USD and Audrey Hepburn's dress from Funny Face took in over $56 000 .

  But it wouldn't be an auction (or this post) without some Norma Jean.

  A set of chest X-Rays taken 8 years prior to her death fetched a whopping $45 000 , 15 times the appraisal amount. That's a lot of bones for pictures of the bones of someone you wish you could bone.

  While some may say that a similarly priced collectible might display better (because that's why people buy artifacts for the most part) I would dig this over an autographed poster .I mean, this IS the only thing of its kind out there. Plus, I'm kind of morbid and would get a kick out of the curiosity of others. Hopefully whomever purchased these isn't going to hide them in a box waiting for their value to rise because the coolness factor is pretty massive.

  Then again, THE Superman costume sold for less at the same auction.

  Feel free to send me either. 

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