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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's YOUR Take

  Women (and sometimes) dudes are being made to seem obsessed about their lady bits more than ever before. There's dye for your closely cropped fur, brazilian waxing, even vajshadow type products if your pink isn't as pink as it used to be.

  But the Stript Wax Bar chain in California has raised the bar on treatments below the belt. Bossmama Katherine Goldman has added something new to the arsenal that she promises will bring much happiness to the netherbits.

The vagina facial is not nearly what you think (and hope) it is. Sorry ladies, it does not involve Brad Pitt dining it at your personal bar and grill.

  the $60 procudure, or rather a multitude of is given about a week after you have the tenderest of waxings. Firstly, a warm wash is given to your Area 69, followed by application of a "smooth appeal" papaya solution. While you are now suitably sedated, extraction of ingrown hairs commences. (Cue to an image of me crossing my legs) After you presumably survive, one of a bunch of different masks is applied. They range from calming to antifreckle because we really care about a freckle when diving the reef. Lastly, a lightening treatment is applied because well, we're darker downstairs and we can't let that happen.

  Is this just me or are we a little too obsessed with what our poons look like? Don't we already take too much time and effort? I know I'm speaking for myself, but as long as you bathe and the rainforest isn't too tropical, I'm more than happy to camp out. I mean there's obviously nothing too harmful in having organic papaya juice put on your crotch, but the lightening chemicals and whatnot do cause some concern. Have those been tested? I'm sure you're in agreement here that the idea of getting skin cancer "down there" might be a TAD more disconcerting than a mole on your back. Maybe i overanalyze things and should SFTU.

  But what do you think- have we gone a little overboard on genital refinishing or am I out to lunch?

Addendum : What is a "calming" mask for exactly? Why is the vagine angry and how does one know if it is? Do they have  a Psychologist of Pussy?

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