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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's Your Take?

Go to one of these links and watch the related videos and give me your opinion in the comment box below. 

  To summarize, a woman went out to smoke a cigarette while her husband was in the garage and left her infant with 2 loose dogs and a mother dog with puppies who was caged. Unfortunately, she returned to the house to discover that her daughter had been killed by one of the huskies. She is now being charged with manslaughter.

  Is this woman criminally responsible for the death of her daughter or has she suffered enough as her husband claims? discuss.


  1. We need to remember an animal is an animal and can be unpredictable. Obviously the mother is suffering so much and will be dealing with this tradegy for the rest of her life. I think that alone is punishment enough. So sad.

  2. This poor gal is 17- a child. She was with her mother- who is an adult and should have been held equally responsible, IF there was to have been charges laid. The judgment was too harsh- and probably prejudiced. I see a girl coming from poor and native roots. Take the same situation and place it in an urban setting, and you would see more leniency. This is a sad situation, but not criminal.

  3. This is absolutely criminal. The mother should definetely be charged, her actions lead to the death of her baby, it was her responsibility and she failed. Regardless of how awful she feels, her neglience lead to a life under her protection ending.


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