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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dope Is.. The Flying Dutchman Edition

   A dutch dude who remains unidentified was arrested at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for attempting to smuggle in 11 1/2 pounds of cocaine from Suriname in - get this- string beans.

  Apparently, Dutch cops found his attempt to import vegetables as somewhat suspicious and searched his luggage where they found the booty.

  Now I'm not promoting drug use or illegal activity in any way, but think for a second how long it would take to peel open, clean, stuff, and seal enough beans to hold over 5 kilos of schnee. I mean it certainly must be vastly more difficult than filling teddy bears or soda cans.

  Kids, doing drugs is stupid, and trying to import them is asking to have a boyfriend named Bubba for the next 5-to-15. No matter how ingenious you think you are, police are one step ahead enough of the time that the majority of prisoners in most facilities are in on drug or related offenses.

Just so we're clear:  Drugs- bad. Getting caught with them inside food- funny for us,  extremely bad for you.

There's a reason why they call it Dope.

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