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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


  Those of us north of the border have become rather acquainted with the concept of patriarchal honour killings, a sickness that has made girls like Aqsa Parvez household names.

  In 2007, the 16 year old girl was murdered by her elder brother and father because dear old dad figured his daughter's refusal to wear a hijab and want for a part-time job would cause his buddies at the mosque to make fun of him.

  The girl was living with another family at the time so big bro Waqas devised a plot to kill her. he even told a coworker about it. Various members of the Pakistani-born clan stalked Aqsa at school to keep tabs on her and lure her to the house with promises that her belongings would be returned to her. Waqas strangled his youngest sister and then fled like a coward. Dad Mohammed waited 15 minutes before calling 911 claiming it was he who had done the dastardly deed. The numerous adult children claimed Waqas was at work and could not have done such a thing. Today Waqas and Mohammed Parvez pled guilty to second-degree murder and were sentenced to life in prison without parole for 18 years.

  While it is a good thing that Waqas and Mohammed Parvez are going to likely spend the remainder of their days behind bars, there is no real justice for Aqsa or for her adopted homeland. The mother, Anwar Jan, was recorded blaming Aqsa for her own demise. The Crown usually takes victim impact staements, but neither the mother nor Aqsa's numerous family members stepped up. They were more upset that the patriarch was going to prison along with the brother they enabled. Each member of the family was aware of the crime and abetted it. They should all be incarcerated and then deported.

  If you migrate to my country or any other with zero desire to become a member of the society in which you live, get the hell out. If you want to enjoy the freedom, health care, clean air, and all of the other things that make my home truly rad, you may just have to give up some of your barbaric ideals. When you think about it,  it's a pretty swell trade-off. But if you cannot deal with the concept that it is immoral to murder your girls, go back to Pakistan. Freedom of belief is not a license to kill.

  Hug your daughters and be grateful that they have the liberty that so many other girls do not.

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