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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Inside The Park Home Run

When you witness it, you'll know.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fucking Switzerland!

Media. A lot of harsh criticism against Israel in the world's media (What's going on with those Jews, can't they just sit quiet for a minute) I don't know about you, I'm personally sick and tired to hear the same old same over and over again. Why didn't they just blow up the boat?!

Gaza. It's known that in Hebrew (The Zionist language) the word "Gaza" replaced the word "hell". For example, If a Zionist Jew from Israel tells you to "Go to Gaza!" what he really means is...go to hell. Only worse, Gaza is hell full of Arabs (normal hell is only fire).

Hamas. A militant/political/peaceful/arab group recognized by most countries and global organizations as a (don't tell them I told you so) terrorist group. Hamas took control over Gaza (If you read the previous paragraph, I know it doesn't make sense) after kicking few other Arabs butts. The butts generally belong to members of Fatah, which is considered by most countries and global organizations as the Not terrorist group of Palestine (aka the occupied territories/South Israel).

Israel. The land of the Jews (aka the chosen people/eternal victims/not Jesus believers) and the most powerful/peaceful/in state of war/Zionist/Jewish/modern/western/pain in the neck/land of milk and honey country in the middle east.

Geography. Looking at the map, when you see Gaza and Israel sitting on top of the other, you can't tell where is the butt and who is the pain (Analogy of "ass" and "hole" also works fine for that matter).

Peace. When a boat full of peace activists sailing towards Gaza, in a very peaceful way (I saw it on TV, there were hardly any waves at the sea at that time) It feels my heart with warmth for the peaceful gesture. A peaceful group of peace seekers activist sailing in peaceful sea, coming from peaceful countries, waving peaceful flags. Their only wish is to join hands with Hamas.

Wait a minute. There is a small problem....

Bang bang. Now, Israelis when they see too many signs of peace, they becomes suspicious. Then they usually panic and then...they shoot.

Common sense. Now, Those peace activists, bunch of good people, knowing Israel and heading to their final destination (Gazaland), couldn't have imagined the result their peaceful journey. You know them "peace people" they can be so naive.

The big picture. The only piece that doesn't fit in the puzzle is the question, Why Israel didn't blow up this ship? They should have. It is Israel we are talking about remember. And we are talking about innocent peace activists on board (and no weapons or god forbid real fucking terrorists!!!)

For the record. Hamas is a terrorist group occupying Gaza. Israel is not occupying Gaza (anymore). Israel secure its borders, especially its border with Gaza. If you had a backyard controlled by terrorist group what would you do?

Remember #1. Israel and Gaza are in the middle east.

Remember #2. Dude, the middle east isn't fucking Switzerland!

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