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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out Of The Woodwork

Some people were more than a little shocked when videos featuring a chain-smoking 2 year old named Ardi Rizal hit the mediawave, but this is a little beyond that.

  3 year old Ya Wen has the smoking habit as well as a drinking habit. It all started when she was hit by a van and rendered comatose for five days. When she woke, her parents claimed that she began acting like an adult. She began sneaking her father's cigarettes and even getting them on her father's credit account at a local store. Shop owners thought it was cute when the precocious lass would come for the cigarettes, thinking they were for her parents.
But here comes the weird part : her mother says that her daughter easily downs 3 beers a day without a problem. But that's not what really bothers dear old mum. Her mother is terrified because her daughter now wants boy's clothes. For SHAME!

  Now, I know that it was pretty common in my day for a kid to have a few sips off of pop's beer, but this is INSANE. For the dad's part, he has quit smoking in the hopes that his kid will follow suit, but what about the mother?

  As adults, we are expected to make decisions on the behalf of children and not give them everything. If I was this kid's mother I'd be more worried about some pervert giving her booze than her desire to wear sneakers. I give major props to the dad for showing restraint because if my wife did this to my child, I'd probably choke her to death.

Seriously, I hope the state takes this child away from a mother so inept at her most important job and a dad to sissified to take his baby away from the mess.

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