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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


 This is a date that some of you associate with marijuana laws. Decriminalization groups gather and smoke, often publicly, to protest oppressive drug laws and demand change. But some other people really love to party today that you might not think too much about.

Put down your bong and join Tom Metzger in celebration of the 121st birthday of Adolf Hitler. Neo-nazi groups around the world stage "family friendly" birthday events where your little white kids can engage in a fun-filled activity day. There will be a platform with keynote speakers to instruct your older kids that non-europeans are mud races spawned by Satan himself. Your teenage sons can join other kids in gang torment of niglets and spics and reeducation of homosexuals. Grownups will be invited to attend lectures by Eli James and Phil Anderson with beer included in the price of admission. Half price for ladies because they drink less beer and we need them to make white babies.

Party On!! 88!!

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