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Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Serious

 I remember seeing an excerpt of this when it first came out as a PSA, but my dad sent me the full Windows Media version today.

I constantly give my girl and pals grief for texting whilst driving.  People claim to only do it "at stop signs" or in a "break" in traffic, but they do it with kids, friends, and coworkers in vehicles.  Multitask text while smoking, switching gears, or eating is even worse. And I've seen a multitude of you do this.

    Don't let YOUR life become a cautionary tale and don't hurt others because you're too "important" to pull the fuck off the freeway.
A highschool pal flattened a Toyota with a family in it while yapping on his phone and driving a tractor trailer.

This shit REALLY does happen.   Fuckin stop being self-involved shits.




  1. This is more than valid, this message needs to get out to EVERYONE. It's akin to the drunk that sez they drive better whilst drinking or smoking weed.God help the fucker that texts & causes someone in my family harm. I specifically went & got a phone with a tiny keyboard, I can't text & drive if I wanted to.I also got me & all my kids the phone that has the "chirp" (push to talk) so theres no excuse.EXCELLENT blog roofer.

  2. There should be no phones on at any time in a car not even the 'chirp' (push to talk) one. It's just too distracting. Pull over and park when on a phone, it's that simple.


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