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Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank YOU

I'm using a track by a band of gents who are now just normal househusbands to convey a message and a thank you.

  There are some countries where even attempting to view a 1000-hit-a-day website is illegal. To view a website primarily written by a gay female eligible for Israeli citizenship is considered a CRIME. I am obviously not going to disclose who the readers are, but greater than 1 in 100 of my daily viewers do so under possible penalty for the "crime" of reading the funny and absurd because of who delivers it.

  Those of us in the West take for granted our freedoms, but those who enjoy the little joy that I bring have taught me to NEVER forget. No matter how small you may feel, you CAN have your voice heard just by being a "hit" on a blog. The fact that people risk being punished for sedition by reading my writings as well as those of others should remind all that freedom is not a guarantee. We must do what we can in order to ensure that the ideals we hold true are not replaced with theocracy. This is a danger to us, with the South demanding its rise and a government handed a stack of bills and a pile of horseshit.

 The tagiline is "liberty", yet the folks who preach it want anything but. Libertarianism has been hijacked by those with a hateful ideal and those of us who TRULY believe in liberty and constitution must force these bastards out. It is OUR responsibility as North Americans who abide by similar constitutions to uphold the spirit of the words of the Fathers and mothers whose feelings became script. We are composed of mainly 3 large nations as well as a few smaller ones, all multiethnic and religiously diverse. We all have arms rights, voting abilities, and males and females in all professions. We are as free as governed people can be.

When you bitch about having to wait 5 days for your gun permit, think of the REAL little guy. Think of the Christian growing up in Sudan or the Jew in Iran. Think about who you are and what you love for 5 seconds before preaching your doctrine.

Would you REALLY want your grandkids to grow up in an America that is a protestant version of Afghanistan?

Would you want your micros to grow up to be the posterkids for hate?

The guys in this band are free to be dads because they didn't have to become bombs. Video retransmission without reference not-so-strictly prohibited by Frozen Ghost, but they'd still like a shout-out.  the views of the adverts do not necessarily reflect the views of or Frozen Ghost. 

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