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Friday, April 23, 2010

Proofreading Isn't For Everyone

  7,000 copies of this book have been reprinted after a particularly egregious typo.

In the recipe for spelt tagliatelle, readers are instructed to include "salt and freshly ground black PEOPLE"

  The publisher doesn't see why people are offended by the obvious error and has offered to replace copies purchased by people "small-minded enough to complain". Bob Sessions has dismissed the copy boo-boo as "silly". He's apparently upset that the lack of editing is going to cost the company $20 000.

  While mistakes DO indeed happen, insulting the fine folks who purchased the expensive book is not the way to go. It just compounds the problem. The fuck-up could be seen as comical without the insensitive reaction of the publisher. I'm no marketing whiz, but I'm pretty sure that implying your consumers are stupid is the worst form of publicity ever.


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