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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Time to Celebrate

  Virginia Governor McDonnell has declared April as "Confederate History Month" for the first time in 8 years, joining such enlightened states such as Georgia in celebrating the Dixie era. Bob McDonnell figures that his state should celebrate the brave fight for southern independence as if they actually won the Civil War. 

  What wonderful and rich history is this dingo talking about? The fight against human rights? Treason? Vast wealth attained through the subjugation of another? 

   It comes as no surprise to me that increasing numbers of these declarations are made with a black man as head of state. This is absolute pandering to people who long for the wealthy days of their great-grandfathers and a slap in the face of decent folk. It is an intentional reminder to blacks of their inferiority to their "owners", in case this whole Obama business has made them forget. 

  Nobody sane celebrates a treasonous attack against a country they now claim to be part of. (The "War of Northern Aggression" was actually started by the Confederates when they attacked Sumter) Their officers swore an oath the the United States and then took up arms against their comrades. And they lost. BADLY. 

  So go on Virginia, and celebrate your "brave and noble" past. Your ancestors were racist traitors who got their asses handed to them. 

Party Time!!!


  1. Wild, eh? It was one of the most awful, bloodiest, terrible times in anyone's history (topped only by some of the crap that happens in Africa) and some still like to remember it fondly.

  2. Thank you for stating what some of us Virginians feel. Though this part of history is important to remember, especially so it doesn't repeat itself, it's not important to highlight every year. So thanks for the post. I really enjoy your blog.


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