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Friday, April 23, 2010

Relax. It's Just Sex(y)

  Lane Bryant and women everywhere are outraged that networks attempted to censor their "plus-sized" lingerie ad while permitting adverts that show scrawny women in various states of undress. People are fired up because they believe it to be an attack on curvy ladies, a form of discrimination. Personally, I think everyday women should take this as a compliment and not an insult, and this is why.

  When most of us see a toothpicky woman, she seems almost unreal, alien, or unfeminine. But the well-built woman triggers the inner ape - our evolutionary baboon equates a bountiful physique with reproduction, and that means SEX. Most men (and some women) are instantly captivated, and we are helpless to resist . Natural feminine beauty is the reason why Liv Tyler is more attractive than Lara Flynn Boyle and why we like Angelina Jolie better when she stocks up on carbs. What women think to be beautiful (can't be too thin) and what men do are two entirely different things. Most women have no idea who Vida Guerra is, but trust me, the hairier gender does. It's primal.

  There is NOTHING on the planet hotter than a confident, real woman strutting her stuff. Sexually powerful women who look like they could be your girlfriend are indeed more attractive, and that's what offended the networks. If sex sells, then a woman who looks like she actually gets a piece on her own terms is the ultimate.

   And ladies- even though you might see yourself as having too much junk in the trunk, we don't necessarily feel the same way. If you command attention and view that c-section scar as a badge of honour instead of a flaw, we will submit. After the kids are in bed, OWN your house in a satin bathrobe and don't be shocked when your partner is brought to their knees. The power is in your ass and the confident brain that is lucky enough to be along for the ride.

Watch and learn.

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