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Monday, April 5, 2010


Nirvana - Polly
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 16 years ago today Kurt Cobain blew his head off. An entire generation has never seen an interview or concert, seeing him as another talented junkie who died at 27. He was so far over and beyond that, although his death may have cemented his legend. 
  This guy was a fundamental part of not only counter-culture and rebellion, but a catalyst in the progression of human rights on the west coast and beyond. Kurt was one of the first rockers to speak out against homophobia and sexist abortion policies- long before it was the trendy thing to do. He had a love-hate relationship with the tremendous voice he lent to the misunderstood. 
  As much as we may resent Kurt for submitting to his addictions and selfishly taking his life, music and the world itself would not be the same had he not lived and rocked and told his tragic tales. 

Rest well.  


  1. it happened i heard Nirvana 1st time in my life on my 14 birthday (august 1994).. THAT WAS JUST WHAT DOCTOR SAID! I FELL IN LOVE ...and his voice sounds so familiar for me still...KURT WAS THE FIRST PERSON WITH WHOM I SPOKE IN ENGLISH IN MY DREAMS...HOW COULD I FORGET IT!

  2. 16 It still seems fresh to remember it. Our generation was lucky to witness him while he was here. I can't think of anyone as influential since then.


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