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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fuck Off Friday : Kate Gosselin

I have received plenty of submissions for this interactive blog segment, but Kate Gosselin and other fame-whoring parents have garnered more votes than anyone else thus far. There is no other trashy mum that pisses off reader and parent KC more than Kate, and wants the world to know why. 

  Kate Kreider Gosselin was just a mother of two with a blue-collar job before she gave birth to sextuplets. The brood stayed out of the spotlight for the first while, with the odd news special but little else. After noting the high ratings of those specials, Discovery Health decided to offer a show where all 8 kids were to be followed and videotaped at least 3 days a week in exchange for a payout. While I would view that alone as exploitative, many others do not and it CAN be done in a respectful manner under the right circumstances with mature people.  The Gosselins are NOT.

 It became apparent that Jon and Kate adored the camera far more than their children. When the show was picked up by the higher-profile TLC, they began this bizarre metamorphosis from parents into divas. Kate became an abusive diva and Jon seemed all too happy to play the bumbling fool and his wife's victim. They began permitting more invasive filming despite the fact that their children were becoming deeply emotionally screwed up by the attention. Millions tuned in to watch a family implode, and instead of pulling the plug, Kate began transforming herself into the diva she thought she should be. The couple invited the media into their marriage and their subsequent divorce long after responsible people would have pulled the plug. 

  But the hate for Kate goes far beyond just one program. Kate Gosselin now fancies herself a talent, pitching talk shows and guest starring on television wherever she can get the chance. This is a woman declared the custodial parent by the courts. Now, she's on Dancing With the Stars, made over by stylists and surgeons into someone more removed from her previous self than Heidi Montag. She has catfights with her costars,( who are actually talented )and prances around in her cloud of entitlement. She has become a woman we love to hate, and deserving of all of the scorn she receives.

  Kate needs to go back to being a parent and save the douchebaggery for Jon. As the primary parent, she needs to step out and teach the wee ones how to become decent people. She needs to live the example because 16 little eyeballs are watching every interview, every abusive tirade toward their father, and every childish tantrum. All these television appearances do is reinforce the idea that cuntiness is the way to success, and her daughters will grow up feeling that they are inferior without constant attention. Kate has neglected the most important job in existence in favour of her own selfish desires. 

  For putting herself and her dreams ahead of those of 8 other human beings, Kate Gosselin is the essence of whoredom and there are a multitude of reasons why Kate needs to go away. 

  Fuck off home Kate Gosselin, and be a parent to your children.

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