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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mama Said Knock You Out

  I haven't been the largest fan of Conan O'Brien in the past, but he's earned some mad love from me due to the awesome way in which he handled the Jay Leno squabble with humour and grace.

And now he's scored a show on TBS . Fox has tried to score him, but he's going to play lead-in for George Lopez and I think it's a spectacular move. Sure, he could make bigger bank elsewhere, but this is comedy cozy-comfyness and could shoot TBS into the stratosphere. Besides, TBS has a larger young audience and another late-night cat who actually gives Conan due respect. No syndication annoyances, no cattiness, fewer bucks.

And a big WIN for Conan and us all.

Conan is the man. By sticking to his guns and his artform over bowing, he has made his mark. Conan O'Brien knows that he has already made his money and wishes to bring the funny to us as well as financially support his hard-working employees.. Even better, he's not as regulated by the FCC, so we can all see and hear what he intends.

Welcome back, you pasty funny fucker.

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