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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Note to Jehovah's Witnesses

Go away. Seriously. 

   You KNOW I have no interest in converting to your cult, so fuck off. Even if I were considering such a thing, coming to my door at all hours asking for "the Jew" is going to turn me off. It REALLY is okay for people to believe in different things than you do and I'm pretty sure that there are already more than 144, 000 of you on the planet since there are close to that many on this island. Stop stalking me.

  If you interrupt my Seder again  I will have you arrested or shoot you in the ass depending on my mood. You have been warned. 

And one final thought- my God doesn't require a salesman. Maybe you should find another one.



  1. I usually just tell them my God forgives their God...then blow cig smoke in their face.

  2. I answer the door in a housecoat, ready to flash them at a moment's notice, they always leave immediately, sensing my intentions


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