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Monday, April 26, 2010


I come from a pretty blended family. Lots of mums and lots of dads. But my biomama has her baby on her brain. My brother Chris is turning 30 soon.

When we were kids, there wasn't much around but our imaginations. A few toys and books were handed down and this brother became the recipient of the survivors. His first toy was also my eldest sister's, and he still owns it. A stuffed bean-bag bear that had his face chewed off by a childhood dog. He even has a name for it that escapes me. But he had a favourite book that my mother dared to sell at a yard sale recently.

Barney Beagle Plays Baseball.

My bro was really annoyed that the Easy Reader was sold (for 10 cents) And my mum wants to find a copy to give him for his thirtieth birthday. It will be an epically gooey moment, but I cannot find this book anywhere. It only had a couple of print runs and most kids mutilated this hardcover gem.

So, as I know that many of my readers are of an older demographic, I'm hoping that one of you has this book in their basement or attic. If you can find this, you'll be compensated accordingly, and my mum will love you to death.

Please help my mum make a grown man cry, and not for the usual reasons.



  1. Try powells bookstore in Portland or, give them a call.

  2. I will keep my peepers peeled for it.



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