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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vegan Junk Food Amazingness

 I hate the way KFC does business, but they DO have a vegan sandwich. I had misgivings about the idea of going to a corporate asshole conglomerate for a quick meal, but I figure that by not buying, we are saying that we don't want their more compassionate product. I've tried this a few times, and had the same response every time.

This is THE best fast-food veggie burger ever created.

It isn't low in fat, but that's not what we look for in guilty-pleasure fast crap. Even my confirmed carnivore mum digs this sandwich. It is not overly greasy, not too spiced, and 100% yummy. The A&W veggie has nothing on this. While A&W's is a ball of pretty tasteless grease, this rocks. My mum ordered a veggie and a chicken crunch and found them both edible, with the veg actually being far tastier.

  While long-term vegetarians feel that fake meat is somehow offensive, to those of us who were raised as meat-eaters, this is meat methadone. Vegetarians can order it with the egg-based sauce and vegans without - either way this is the best meatless munch to ever come to fast food. And if you're in Canada and craving the double-down challenge, they'll hook you up with a 2 patty, 4 cheese veggie beast. (off-menu, just be nice to the server) I haven't braved it because that much of a heavy thing would make me retch but it can be done- HEY Tyler. (challenge here)

 Right now, this hedonistic nosh is only universally available in Canada , (they also have different welfare standards for the birds that go into regular KFC stuff) but those of you who are visiting or live in border cities must try this chunk of wonderful. 

  A high-five to KFC for making the vegan sandwich more delicious than any other slab they sell. Those of you who are hardcore veggies might have to ask that they use the french fryer to avoid meat contact- call your local shop and ask the process. Those of you who love a big chunk of chicken, try the veggie. It is the cheapest meal they sell and every meat-eater I've given it to will order it above the Big Crunch. If that isn't an endorsement, I have no idea what is.

KFC does chicken wrong but un-chicken right.

Image courtesy of Georges Laraque and Peta 2. The video that made big Georges go vegan has been hosted for free on this website since I hit blogspot. Check the top left.

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  1. Sadly we have it here in NC. I couldn't believe it & def WILL NOT eat it. (The double-down) more GROSS than eating it,is watching someone else eat it. ewwwwwwwwwww


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