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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

With Friends Like These...

 A few days ago Afghani president Hamid Karzai was reported to have twice threatened to join the Taliban if the West continued to urge him to reform the nation he rules.
   This does come as somewhat of a surprise to me because anyone who knows anything about the political climate in the region knows that Karzai IS a Talibani, always was, and always will be.

  Hamid Karzai fought as part of the fundamentalist mujahedeen paid by the CIA to rid Afghanistan of the Soviets, the same group that Usama bin Laden gained his influence as a member of. Long after the soviets were gone, the US provided the Taliban with billions in order to allow their regime to take control of the nation. The american intelligence community was more than aware that the Talibanis were fundamentalist hardliners, but figured they owed the jihadis a favour. Al-Qaeda provided troops to protect western interests in Chechnya and in the Balkans. Colin Powell ponied up $43 million to construct an oil pipeline in Afghanistan just prior to the 9/11 terror attacks.

  Hamid Karzai was the Taliban's foreign minister during the rise of the regime and has the same hateful ideals today. After being illegally appointed with the blessings of Bush, Harper, and Blair the president instituted Sharia Law. Karzai chose the election commission and has rendered the nation as undemocratic as ever. He has used his power to punish women and children, promote drug peddlers, and further Islamist rule. Men have been tried for their lives for daring to opt for a different religion. Karzai signed into law a bill that gives men the authority to starve their wives if they refuse his sexual demands and guardianship of children solely to male family members. Women are required to have the written consent of their husbands to work and rapists are seldom prosecuted. The new Afghanistan is little different from the old, and is this way with the blessings of the West.

  Hamid Karzai is,was, and always will be a terrorist. The Pashtun majority has fought for thousands of years and will not stop. They are not at peace unless they are at war. Our kids are fighting and dying at the hands of troops ultimately armed by ourselves in a country that has been at war with itself long before Islam was even introduced. We need to permit exit for those who do not wish to live this tragic existence and pull our money and troops out. We gave bin Laden power, appointed Hussein, and armed Pinochet's junta and subsequent brutality. It is clear that we just are not adept at foreign policy, but are incredibly gifted at instituting dictators. We need to stop meddling in the affairs of others before we put the eventual regime that ends humanity into power.

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