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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something Ain't Right Here

  Most people know who Lil Wayne is, even if only from the fact he's been arrested several times for gun and drug offences. He managed to dodge prison for a while to get dental work done and somehow managed to sneak in recording a shitload of rap videos, but finally he's doing his year in Protective at Rikers

  The thing that doesn't add up here is the fact that the dude is blogging from jail. How EXACTLY is he managing to do this? As it turns out, his PR lady posts excerpts from his letters on his website, which kind of falls in that grey area under New York law. But the thing is, the site is DESIGNED to profit from his criminal behaviours. The guy's site even sells "Free Weezy" shirts (for $30 each) like dude thinks he's Mumia Abu-Jamal or something. Prison is designed to suck and dude is sitting in Rat Seg making a mockery of the judicial process as well as education. (it's spelled "thanks" , not "thankx", and spelling it this way doesn't make you sound tough, but stupid.) But he's laughing at all of this on his way to the bank, and money's all that matters to this dude.

   Kids, this guy is NOT a role model. He's a criminal who likes guns and thinks it's his right to not only do whatever drugs he wants to but bring them across the border. Hopefully, the folks in Arizona give him a real sentence after his picnic at Rikers, but he'll probably skate. The only reason he plead out to this was to further his career and hope everyone would forget his subsequent arrests.  Just because a dude can rhyme doesn't make him a MAN, as evidenced by the slew of micro-Waynes crawling around. All this aside, if you or I had been nailed for doing close to what Tha Carter has been, we'd be locked up for a VERY long time. We certainly wouldn't be permitted to PROFIT from our crimes.

   Wayne Carter is just another example of the fact that there is no such thing as equal punishment under the law. 

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