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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pure Evil


 This video is the most disturbing thing I have posted in a long time. Despite the fact that people seem to find him funny, remind yourself that this waster is a very real monster. After this video was published, he was arrested several times for various types of creepy behaviour. He proudly displayed the police statements of his child victims on his website and was arrested for it as well as 276 counts of possessing child pornography. 

While he seems barely coherent in this video, Geoff Leonard is a very clever and convincing writer and capable of manipulation of those around him. On THIS website you see how Mr. Leonard tries to defend himself. (scroll to the comments section). His website, which promoted his "love" of children, was finally removed by the Aussie government from the interwebs, but people continue to think he is funny. He even has facebook "fan" groups. Folks, this dude writes about having schools where sex is part of the curriculum, that is sex between adults and children. And this sociopath has ZERO shame.

Geoffrey Leonard is just one example of many adults who attempt to use the legal system to enable their sickest desires. In fact, one of the victims may not have been able to get justice against Mr. Leonard had he been arrested today because perverts have succeeded in lowering the age of consent in Australia. This stain on human creation is just one face of the horrifying movement to turn our kids into sex objects. How this terror has remained able to breathe is beyond me because he wouldn't last an HOUR in my neighbourhood. 

Hug your kids. 

Thanks to Aisling Kennan for tipping me off to this weirdo.


  1. I cannot believe no one has taken the law into their own hands and ended this travesty. It's horrifying, this man should not have left prison with a pulse.


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