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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grannies In The Sky With Diamonds

 Both of my grandmothers grew up in the humbled of circumstances one could imagine, yet carried to their last moment a fascination with moving parts. My paternal one used to find ways of fixing discarded electrical appliances and was in awe the first time she got to play on a Vic 20 and  the Sega Genesis and its Altered Beast became one of her fascinations. She passed very suddenly with a full mind and body open to these new ideas that were beyond her most vivid childhood imaginings.
My maternal granny wanted a computer despite never having typed because she was bored and wanted to expand her intellect. She was a poor farm kid who never got to attend high school but had a documented IQ exceeding 165 at 80 years of age. The thing was with this longer lived grandmother was she was losing her eyesight and it deeply disturbed her. Granny Annie didn't dig the idea of being a sick old lady nor being a burden, so she pulled her own plug and went for a nap 4 years ago and died with a peaceful smile. While I was sad to come home from work and close her eyes, I know she's watching this from the great beyond with eyes like a youngster.

  The great-grammo you are watching has the same degree of blindness that my grandmother had and has been able to reintroduce her writing to the world because of the funky backlighting that new tablet computers offer. You best watch and then buy one for your matriarch. The body may age, but a well-tuned mind never dies. Since this video came out, Virginia has now become a whiz and has read and written several works.

So grammos in the sky, I'm raising a humble glass on your behalf to one of your peers.


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I am so technically challenged and getting up there in age. If she can do it, so will I, right?!


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