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Friday, April 23, 2010

Murder By Proxy

 This tool was arrested and charged under an old law because several people killed themselves at his behest. The former nurse, who lost his license for abusing patients trolled internet chat rooms for years looking for depressed people. He would pose as a female and act sympathetic to draw them in. After some time he would give them instructions on how to kill themselves and even entered into suicide pacts he didn't plan to carry out. He claims he did this "for the thrill of the chase". His instructional e-mails were found on the computer of a British man who hanged himself and a Canadian teen who drowned herself. He is a scumbag of the worst kind.

  But the thing is, he may never spend a day in jail.

Assisting a suicide does carry a maximum of 15 years in the state in which he resides, but they have never dealt with someone who used internet manipulation in such a way. Plus, none of the people lived in his state, and there may have been dozens. The defense is arguing remorse and freedom of speech.

  OK Minnesota, the ball is in your court. Get this fucker off the street. He has no real regard for others and will probably find other ways to injure or kill people when he gets out. Make sure it is a good long while.  People should never have the freedom to convince the mentally ill to kill themselves. Set the precedent in your state or extradite him to Canada, where this IS a crime without a doubt.

Do the right thing.

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