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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Heavy Post

Belgium is the next nation to begin steps in making the public display of burqa wearing illegal.  They are set to be the first nation to actually accomplish this.

  Their lower house has cosigned a bill that will make it illegal for women to wear burqas or other Islamic veils that cover a woman's face. According to the covernment it is a matter of national security and and question of freedom and dignity. The Qu'ran doesn't require it and few Muslims approve of women in niquab or burqa.

But Amnesty International is upset. In this instance, I cannot figure out why. These are women permitted and now mandated to have the freedom of voice. There is nothing in Islam that requires these obstructive coverings, so HOW is this discriminatory?

I personally don't like the idea of people who can only see 30% of the road driving in public. I would suppose that is part of the point, except for the fact that men who demand their wives burqa seem to have no problem with their wives teaching at universities, being gynaecologists, or otherwise making bank in a new country.

If you wish to consider yourself a progressive man, then you will have no problem with a kid seeing her professor smile. And you should WANT your amazing wife to be able to see her way home.

There IS a difference between a hijab and a burqa. Freedom of religion should never harm a human being.

Where IS the true amnesty for working muslim women?

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