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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fuck Off Friday

 I was randomly surfing the net after a very strange afternoon nap dream when I came across a man whose life story is beyond what anyone could conjure. I found out more about this guy through all of the things he has accomplished and inquired into the way he's lived his life and although it all  seems small to most ,  I'm going to tell you, he is WORTHY of a little shine today.

  Augustine Concepcion is a 39 year old New Jersey guy who is a living, breathing piece of scientific history and a testament to the value of perseverence. 
  Last year, he was outfitted with the latest and greatest defibrillator pacemaker and considers himself lucky to be alive. And he should. Mr. Concepcion was born with a serious heart defect and has endured over 100 surgeries on his ticker. This new pacemaker is Number 17. This cat is a living monument to scientific progress and keeps all his old ones in a box at his auntie's crib. He knows that one day he is going to need a new ticker as he was on the transplant list years back, but with medication and his new beatbox he is able to chase his dogs around and volunteer at a centre that helps those with HIV. And if you are lucky enough to hang with him, you WILL have hope for a new tomorrow. 

 From a boy destined for death to a man who walked to raise funds to battle heart disease, to a guy who was near death and found new technology, he IS the ultimate survivor. His scars are not those of a victim, but of a champion. With strength, honour, and mostly humour Augustin has become MY inspiration. 

  To the funny real gentleMAN who is a living testament to what scientific discovery combined with absolute determination can bring, you SIR are beyond my scope. I wish you all the heath in the future, but if things should go foul, I know that you go out with a smile. You are not a human guinea pig, you are the strength of an army inside one compassionate being. 
   The only "fuck off" this Friday will be to heart disease, and I hope you will display the middle finger for decades to come.

Fuck off, heart disease, and leave this awesome guy alone.

Sign your donor card. Don't bury awesome people with your exit.

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