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Friday, April 23, 2010

In Name Only

The British Columbia government has removed most of the restrictions on dispensing of formerly prescription eyewear. Beginning May 1st, whomever feels like it will be able to issue eyeglasses without a comprehensive eye exam from a medical professional. The idea is to increase market competition. There are no other authorities in North America who permit this, and there is a good reason for it.

  Optometrists are folks who have spent many years honing their craft and can detect everything from glaucoma to brain tumors just by thoroughly examining your eyes. An optometrist saved my brother's life when he has a heart attack in the office. If he had walked into Wal-Mart instead and had some kid guess at his vision, the minimum-wage employee would not have the medical training to intervene. So yes, I may have a bias.
  The problem is that because every Tom, Dick, and Harriet will be able to dispense eyeglasses, optometry appointments, not covered by health care, will become very expensive and people will avoid them. Opticians (the dudes who grind lenses for a living) will also be able to conduct basic eye tests without a medical doctor's prescription. These people have minimal knowledge of eye diseases. People will not find out that they have cataracts until it is too late to remove them and people could be blinded or even die because of this insanity.

  Gordon Campbell has privatized a TON of things during his tenure from utilities to medical care, but he needs to leave this one alone. After selling our industries and natural resources to Chinese slave-traders and Americans who don't care, he has now decided to sell a fundamental part of health care to the lowest bidder. No doubt, he is getting some sort of corporate kickback for this. In no other province would a guy who acquired a criminal record WHILE in office be permitted to remain, let alone several people with seedy dealings. We have got to get rid of these jerks before they sell what matters to you, and whatever it is, they will commercialize it soon. The "Liberal" party is exactly the opposite.

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