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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Voice : Happy Birthday Mothafucka


 It is my homie Jay's birthday and it's time for some lovin shame.

  Seriously, Jay you indeed rock. Not because you nailed the Canuck charts with your tunage, but because you are my FRIEND. Your heart and diplomacy have taught me large. You have stuck it out without putting anyone down and now are back at not only your rockin art, but your art at humanity. You are self-depricating and fun, flawed and perfect, cheesy and rebel, you are the one and only YOU. You have brought me closer to the "nice guy" under my jaded shell and introduced me to positive folks and those in need. You shine the light when there is dark and offer a swift ass-kicking if a head gets too large. 

  And you are now, OFFICIALLY an old motherfucker. 

Welcome your ass up to $400 a week Ferrari rentals and $100 a night hotels. YOU have arrived homie. You'll get 10% off Centrum Silver at WalMart and free delivery of adult diapers. Your tinier portions are now "senior" and cost $5.99. 

Welcome to being a wicked-ass old fart with a new record coming out.

55 is the new 35 bro.

Happy Birthday!

I love you man.

The Cialis and Viagra are in the mail. Wasn't sure what you'd prefer so I sent both.

Check Jay and his batch of awesome old fuckers HERE . Maybe even buy some shit so they don't need Medicare.

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