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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Voice : cNote

  It is a little late in the month for April's segment of The Voice, but trust me, your pacience will be rewarded by a 19 year ols gentleMAN rapper.

His name's cNote and you better listen up.

I could tell you about his displacement by Katrina and his hard-nock luck, but he'd tell you about the places that taught him how to live, and, think, and rhyme. In c-Note's cool brain you CAN get the ladies, cars, and jewels - if you keep your ass outta jail and use your gifts. And I believe that should resonate.

But it is not just the message, it is the delivery, and this is better than Dominos. This kid has range of voice and flow and what I find difficult to describe in a sentence. cNote is a guy that people who don't dig rap will, and those who do elated.His voice is old and new, hard, soft, grainy and fluid. It's difficult to desribe a feeling.

So here's a taste. Go here til I get stuff uploaded.Direct Order.

oh, forgot. Just coz I'm forgetful, don't think c is. Check out cNote on your favourite social networks

I MAY be embarrassing him.

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