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Friday, April 2, 2010

Step One


 Chris Porter has made a living off of imprisoning wild animals. He is a large marine animal trainer, in fact the trainer of the orca that killed Dawn Brancheau. In addition to this he owns a company that captures dolphins in their habitat and sells them to aquariums . He has been directly responsible for the abuse of high-order marine animals and the deaths of 12 who died when he got the ingenious idea to ship them in a DC-10. He has long been portrayed as a remorseless dolphin dealer, and for good reason.

But then something hit him. After watching The Cove and hearing of the death of friend, he came to the conclusion that whales and dolphins shouldn't live in swimming pools and forced to do tricks for food. . In the wild, they can migrate vast distances and can have a snack whenever they want to. When intelligent creatures are denied everything that is natural to them, they lose their cool, and you would too. Chris Porter finally had a change of heart and decided to send 17 animals back to the Solomon Islands. 

  Mr. Porter could have made millions from selling his remaining dolphins and decided to put them back because it was the right thing to do. We can't erase our past actions, but we can try to atone by becoming aware of who we are as people. We don't start out as scumbags in utero. Change is there if you dare to accept it. 


  1. I just freaked out at your spinning globe showing my location, I waited for it to zoom in, explosing me in my tie dye nightgown.. *blush*

  2. great post~! very useful and uplifting info. TY

  3. Glad to hear it. I work in marine conservation and went to a special screening of the Cove before its release last year. It's a harsh but necessary look at the world we live in and nothing pleased me more than 'The Cove' winning the Oscar for best documentary. And now it seems that people are taking notice and making changes. This is a step in the right direction, lets keep it going!


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