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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leave It To Bieber

  Everybody keeps talking about this Bieber kid so I figured it would only be fair to check out what this kid does for a living.

EGAD! I'm trying to be nice here because I know he's young enough to be my kid.

I can see why Justin appeals to the prepubescent. He is processed cheese, which is okay because he's a kid. But Luda should have known better or at least visited Bieber's hometown before agreeing to guest-starring on this sugar sweet musical travesty. Stratford, Ontario is the Shakespeare theatre capital of Canada and has been suspected of triggering sudden onset narcolepsy in those who visit. Comparing Stratford to any hood is like comparing Bombshell McGee to Mother Teresa. I mean, what kind of shenanigans could this kid have become involved in? Cow tipping? My 90 year old great aunt is more gangsta than this dude.

  The Bieb better enjoy his 15 minutes because as soon as his voice drops, he is off to the land of Aaron Carter obscurity. And I hope Ludacris made a boatload of cash because everyone is laughing at him. Luda handed over his credibility along with a Ziplock containing his testicles when he signed on the line.

  Justin, you aren't hood. Just keep getting rich making 12 year old girls as well as their parents cry (for different reasons) and leave the music to the grown-ups. Oh, and a little advice - you MAY want to hire a dance instructor who isn't a retired offensive lineman.

I'm going to stop now.



  1. So, I am a dance instructer to girls his age... and they BEG me every week to warm up to this song and EVERY WEEK I tell them absolutely NOT. But MISS LISA... Its JUSTIN BEIBER!! (in the loudest whine you'll ever hear). I told them that I gave the JoBros a chance, but I can NOT bring myself to support the Beib. I am 29 friggin years old and have to stand my ground on this. I am not judging my students, it's just that, I just can't do it. Thank you for making me feel like I'm not alone in the world...

  2. If you want a few laughs, look at this kids tour schedule through the end of the summer. Not only is the schedule completely insane, but the kid is playing the biggest venue in each city and from what I'm told, his shows are completely sold out.

    After Ludacris has squeezed the last dollar out of this kid, he's going to be laughing his ass off chilling with his bro's on his own island. That kid is a money machine. Too bad his music sucks so bad.

  3. I think it's hilarious because I've been to where he's from a few times.
    I simply don't get the fascination. Some things aren't worth the money.

  4. You always make me laugh. I don't get it either.

  5. I also don't get it. I thought it was because I'm 56 years old BUT I don't think that's it anymore. I do appreciate a good singer and dancer no matter how old she/he is.

  6. I'm from stratford and while i'm 19, I knew who he was as I had a customer service job, and he went to the same highschool.

    He is an annoying little prat, even before he had money he was one of those who acted like you should give him your stuff. Or at my job he was constantly asking for free things.

    He used to sing downtown for money then cuss at you when you wouldn't give him any lol.

    The worst I remember about him was being in a games store and he was buying some console and games, talking about how he stole the money from his mother.

    Stratford as a city, we generally didn't like him before he was famous, and my opinion of the twat hasn't chanaged.


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