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Thursday, April 1, 2010

WTBlue Fuck Of The Weak


 Roughly half of you are American, so I'm sure you've heard of this case, but I have some serious words here . You've been warned.

  A 15 year old New Jersey kid has been arrested for selling herself and her 7 year old sister for sex with men. The wee one wound up getting gang-raped by 7 dudes . There are other details that I'm not going into because they're unnecessary, heartbreaking, and enraging. 

I don't know who the fuck raises a kid with such self-hatred that she'd not only degrade herself but facilitate the rape of an innocent. Trust me, if my kid even thought of going to a party, let alone took my baby with her, I might just put a stop to that. The parents are claiming ZERO responsibility by claiming that their kids snuck out of the apartment. That just ain't happening in the house of a decent parent. 

Also the parents of the 7 perverts who thought it okay to ruin the lives of a  baby should hang their heads in shame. Cops have only arrested one of them, so you KNOW that someone is helping these dudes out. My kid wouldn't do anything like this, but if he did I'd feed him his balls or at least turn him into the authorities. Those sickos who destroyed the innocence of a child who should be worried about little more than the latest Barbie need to be locked up. Not in the pedo block, but in general population for the remainder of their useless lives. If you are such a waster that you think this shit is okay you don't deserve any quality of life whatsoever.


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