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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Cat is Amazing

 This is my cat about a year ago in all of his micro glory. He was really attached to the neighbourhood I moved from recently About a month ago my housemate let him outside when I wasn't home and he took off.
  I called the SPCA, roamed around town, and called the vet to no avail. I figured someone has taken him, be it a human, a cougar, raccoon, eagle, ferret, dog, etc.

  As it turns out he spent 4 weeks walking back to the home he remembered. I went over a few times and couldn't wrangle him. On Saturday my mother got the bright idea to wander over to my former crib after a few beers. And she found the mud-covered beast in a hedge trapped by his leash. Cold, scrawny, and scared he let out a barely audible noise and my mother tracked him down. My mud-covered hammered mum popped into my door holding a 6 pound ball of mud that was once a 13 pound tomcat.

  After a bath, oodles of sardines, and a lake-sized amount of water, he's back to doing this.

   I'm left to wonder what kind of weird adventures this guy had along his lengthy excursion. He had to have avoided cars, hillbilly kids, and all sorts of wildlife before nearly starving to death. It's safe to say that the cat born on my nephews birthday has used up a few of his nine lives.

Thanks mum!!


  1. I got my dog just when he was born , i was feeding him milk from the botle , wrapping him in blankets ,sleeping with us.When he grew up ,he is huge,i took him to my fathers grocery field ,cause its wild and open and he can run freely .The first week he was coming back home. In town ,a huge dog walking around town . I took the decision to restrain him with a 25 m rope(under the vets orders)he finally got used the place.

  2. Очень символичная история и во многом тебя тоже характеризует:)Не удивительно, что твой Кот выбрал такую манеру поведения:)Каждое животное,которое находиться в близком контакте со своим хозяином, является отображением его внутреннего мира... и наоборот.Когда бежишь от чего-то - хочется верить в лучшее, когда понимаешь что ты потерялся- хочется верить что тебя ищут, когда ты приходишь на стартову точку - хочется верить что тебя там ждут!Удачи Вам!

  3. YAY YAY YAY That made my day!!!! 1. Moms are amazing creatures in their own right & 2.Cats NEED their humans as much as we need them. Im thrilled for you Mika darling!!!!

  4. So glad you found him, I thought maybe he tried to go 'home'. Cat's ARE amazing creatures. A little tender love and care and he'll be back to his usual self. Welcome home @RoofTiger

  5. Oh my goodness. I had no idea you had lose the little one. I am thrilled that you got your baby back. Thank the angels and your mom that it had a great ending.


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